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also kokoloko and Arcticblast

With the XY OU metagame slowly but surely taking shape, we have usage statistics reliable enough to create a XY UU Beta tier. This tier is not official and is not even close to balanced. No suspect tests will be run, and the only changes to the tier will be due to changes in OU usage stats. However, it does have a ladder and we encourage the discussion and exploration of this metagame, as the official UU tier will certainly have similar aspects. To learn more about the process UU will take to become official, read this post and this one as well.


Banned Pokemon:
Aegislash, Alakazam, Azumarill, Bisharp, Blissey, Breloom, Charizard, Clefable, Cloyster, Conkeldurr, Donphan, Dragonite, Espeon, Excadrill, Ferrothorn, Forretress, Galvantula, Garchomp, Genesect, Gengar, Gliscor, Goodra, Greninja, Gyarados, Heatran, Infernape, Klefki, Landorus, Landorus-Therian, Latios, Lucario, Mamoswine, Mandibuzz, Mawile, Pinsir, Rotom-Wash, Sableye, Salamence, Scizor, Skarmory, Smeargle, Starmie, Sylveon, Talonflame, Tentacruel, Thundurus, Togekiss, Trevenant, Tyranitar, Venusaur, Volcarona

Drizzle, Kyurem-Black, Manaphy, Drought, Heracronite, Thundurus-T, Deoxys-S, Landorus, Deoxys-D, Scolipede, Medichamite, Gardevoirite, Gothitelle, Weavile, Diggersby, Terrakion, Staraptor

I will eventually edit this post with notable threats, but as the tier is fresh and unbalanced, let's just start with discussion. What Pokemon or strategies are most common? Most dangerous? Which newcommers are most effective? Any overlooked threats? Post away!
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Bisharp is the most dangerous, and definitely an overlooked threat, the buff to knock off gives him almost unmatchable strength in the tier, followed by a sucker punch he deals some serious damage


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Bisharp is the most dangerous, and definitely an overlooked threat, the buff to knock off gives him almost unmatchable strength in the tier, followed by a sucker punch he deals some serious damage
Overlooked is probably not the best term as his usage is through the roof. Dark types in general received a spectacular boost with the revised type chart coupled by the boosted power of knock off. Bisharp (My favorite pokemon) truly benefitted from the drastic drop of fire and fighting attacks in the UU meta. I would attribute this drop due to the addition of rain and dragon types. Water, Dark, and Dragon attacks have usurped fire and fighting as THE spammable typings of the UU metagame.

A few observations
  1. Notable Typing Changes
    1. Dark
      1. Knock Off granted the potent Dark physical attackers a powerful tool to at the very least cripple even the mons who dare resist dark typing by hitting with almost a 100 bp move while simultaneously removing their item.
      2. Due to a revised type chart coupled with the limited amount of fairies Dark becomes a highly spammable typing due to the lack of viable resistances
    2. Dragon
      1. Without a doubt many will immediately see the plethora of dragons flooding UU beta namely Haxorus, Kyurem B, Latias, Hydreigon, and Zygarde
      2. The few viable fairies relegates these megaliths to UU leaving the limited Steels and Fairies to attempt keep these behemoths in check.
      3. Dragons maintain base 120 outrage and 130 draco meteor to decimate the opposition
      4. Each of the Dragons possesses great versatility to counter a variety of threats be it Choice, Support, or boosting.
    3. Water
      1. Drizzle has provided an innate boost to water attacks
      2. Politoad holds great utility
    4. Fairy
      1. Although their numbers are limited, the fairy type's impact can not be denied as a single fairy can prevent the onslaught of outrage spam.
  2. Notable Playstyles
    1. Rain
      1. Drizzle Toad immediately grabs a great deal of momentum allowing up to 8 turns of rain sweepers to dismantle opposing teams
      2. Rain players must be weary of the timer
      3. Keldeo, Thunderus T, Tornadus T, Kingdra as well as a number of other juggernauts can fill the roster
      4. Unfortunately Rain is almost solely offensive in nature due to losing the perma weather
    2. Sand
      1. Hippowdon is a terrific pokemon who just happens to start sandstorms
        1. Typically Hippowdon finds leftovers to be necassary resulting in only 5 turns of sand.
        2. Fantastic Longevity to continuously start weather
      2. Passive damage proves beneficial to clinching both 2hko's and ohko's
      3. A number of pokemon greatly benefit and even can take advantage of sand
      4. Perhaps Stoutland might return to UU bolstering a new base 110 attack
      5. Grants additional special defense to the myriad of rock types.
    3. Hail
      1. Hail reinstates its position as the anti meta weather as Aboma brilliantly stands toe to toe with other weather starters
      2. Like Hippowdon, Abomasnow is a great pokemon who just happens to start weather
        1. Also happens to possess a devastatingly powerful megalution
      3. Snow cloak is currently unbanned, allow the shenanigans to begin! (Seriously please don't)
    4. DragMag
      1. Magnezone+Some questionably powerful Dragons=A tried and true DragMag Team
      2. Simply Magnezone removes steels and fairies allowing dragons to do what they have done for generations
      3. Despite a straight forward formula, Dragmag possesses a great deal of variations to keep the opponent guessing
  3. Hazards
    1. Hazards are still a crucial factor in the UU metagame
    2. MegaBlastoise is almost unanimously regarded as the best spinner due to his ability to punish ghosts. Unfortunately with no leftovers Blastoise must be weary of his switch ins.
    3. Defog allows people to remove all Hazards including their own. Many teams avoid defog in order to not harm their own Hazards
    4. Roserade (Sleep Spikes), Deoxy D, Deoxy S, and Frosslass all return to layout the hazards


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I have really enjoyed XY UU so far. There's a lot of cool Pokemon amidst the chaos, and while there are obviously some Pokemon that belong in a higher bracket, there's a lot of viable options for balanced teams that are a lot of fun to play with. I'll probably be posting a few times throughout the UU process with some underrated Pokemon or sets, but for those looking for some unique (and actually good) Pokemon in the metagame that you might not be thinking about, here's a few ideas to give your team a jump start.

Machamp @ Leftovers
Ability: No Guard
EV's: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Nature: Adamant
- Substitute
- DynamicPunch
- Knock Off
- Stone Edge / Ice Punch

MegaHeracross is a menace, and is arguably one of the best Fighting Pokemon in the tier that can use and abuse Substitute. However, for those who are already using a Mega slot, preparing for a potential MegaCross-less metagame or just want a fresh change of pace, SubChamp is an excellent substitution. SubChamp was once a menace in Generation IV due to the ability to force Pokemon out, set up a Sub and annihilate Pokemon while spreading confusion status. Machamp is also one of the many Fighting types that gets Knock Off, providing it with a much better alternative to Payback while taking out the opponent's items. If you thought switching checks into DynamicPunch was hard, now you also have to worry about Knock Off. The last move is strictly up to preference. Stone Edge is a stronger move in general and hits the Flying-types (Zapdos, Thundurus-T, Tornadus-T) for the most damage possible. Ice Punch trades some power against those specific targets for coverage against Ground-types like the Nidos as well. Resisting Rock and Bug helps against multi-hit moves from MegaHera, making Sub even safer to employ against those threats (and MegaHera does NOT like to be confused). Crushes normal switch-ins like Latias as well. Like SubMegaCross, however, things like Chandelure, Crobat and Noivern can switch in with Infiltrator and OHKO with the appropriate move. Stone Edge has you covered on predictions.

@ Chesto Berry
EV's: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Nature: Adamant / Jolly
- Dragon Dance
- Rest
- Earthquake
- Outrage

Similar to ChestoRest Kingdra back in the D/P/Pl and BW days, ChestoRest Zygarde is a menace when played correctly. Zygarde is deceptively bulky (even moreso than Garchomp), so the ability to take multiple hits and boost is invaluable to ChestoRest sets. The idea is to switch in on something weak or something you can force out (like Bisharp), boost with Dragon Dance a couple of times, and Rest to regain your health. That means this set doesn't really care about status like Burn or Toxic, plus after a boost or two, it out-speeds the entire metagame and hits like a truck. Earthquake and Outrage give great coverage as STABs naturally, and even most Fairies aren't safe switch-ins, as Fairy ends Outrage's move lock and a +1 (or more) Earthquake can KO things like Florges and MegaGardevoir. You always have to prepare for and weaken threats with Ice moves, like Suicune or Weavile, but as a late-game sweeper or "win condition", ChestoRest Zygarde is hard to beat. Jolly lets you out-speed some common Scarf users like Chandelure after a boost, but Adamant gives it the most hitting power possible, and this design is intended to score multiple boosts before sweeping. Both natures have their merits, however.

@ Leftovers
EV's: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 SpD
Nature: Calm
- Volt Switch / Thunderbolt
- Overheat
- Will-O-Wisp / Toxic
- Pain Split

With things like Thundurus-T, Tornadus-T and the like running around, Rotom-H finds itself with a great defensive typing to combat some of the top threats in the metagame. Ground immunity, 4x resist to Steel, 2x resists to Fairy, Electric, Flying, Fire, Grass, Ice and Bug means that this thing can switch into a lot of common attacking types in UU and fight back with Fire / Electric STAB or status. Volt Switch plays well with U-Turn users like Tornadus-T while also hitting bulky Waters that may switch into an expected Overheat. It's a great momentum-changing move. Thunderbolt can be used as an alternative for more power against Water- and Flying-types. Overheat scares a lot of common threats like Bisharp, MegaHeracross and Escavalier, plus nothing neutral really wants to eat that move either. Will-O-Wisp burns a lot of things that have the capacity to switch in. Nothing Physical wants to get Burned and passive damage hurts anything regardless. Toxic is a good alternative too for things like Latias, Kingdra and Entei, who otherwise don't really care about Rotom-H. Pain Split provides a recovery option for those who need it while also causing damage to bulky threats. ChestoRest is okay, but Pain Split pairs with Rotom-H better thanks to the prevalence of Stealth Rock. Keldeo and Rain teams are a pain, though, although Electric STAB helps. Defog / Spin support also is a boon.

These are just a few examples, and I'll post more as UU develops, but I encourage UU players to look at the toys within the tier to deal with some of the bigger threats in the metagame at the moment. Keep on playing!


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DarkSlay you can use a spread of 104 HP/252 Atk/156 Spe adamant on Zygarde, it can outspeed base 110 scarfers at +2 while still having some bulk, with maximum attack possible.
This weekend I created a team pretty fast and had lots of success with it on the ladder. Here are some pokemon that I found very useful:

Hippowdon makes a great physical / mixed wall depending on the EV spread you give him. He can set up stealth rock, whirlwind opponents trying to set up and has reliable recovery along with great defenses. Its ability, sand stream, cancels rain and other weathers and helps wear down opponents.

This guy is awesome. Bisharp has great coverage with its STABs alone: Knock Off has high base power and cripples most switch-ins by taking away their item; Iron Head hits almost anything that Knock Off doesn't and almost completely removes the need for coverage moves; Sucker Punch remediates Bisharp's below-average speed, hits very hard and makes it very hard to revenge kill. In the last slot Bisharp can use Swords Dance to boost its attack to absurd levels or Substitute to take advantage of switches, protect from status and ease prediction.

Mega Blastoise is very useful, mostly for balanced teams. It is a very effective rapid spinner because it has Mega Launcher Dark Pulse to hit Ghost-types and Deoxys-D/-S. He has the bulk to take a few hits and hit back hard with Water Pulse / Scald, Dark Pulse and Aura Sphere, which have great coverage together.
This initial tier seems to promote the use of rain, and i have seen a lot of it. However, the overall nerf to rain seems to be pretty prevalent as I haven't had to run anything in particular to counter their strategy. When rain runs out, they lose their "oomph"

That being said, the tier has Politoed to set it up and then threats such as Keldeo, the forementioned Mega Toise, thundurus, tornadus, kingdra, kabutops, ludicolo, jolteon and more. Even things like Toxicroak and Gastrodon have dropped down to UU.

Very interesting to see a shift from last generation when perma-weather kept a lot of these pokemon in top OU contention now struggling for usage.
This meta is very difficult to play defensively, not just because of the power of all of the threats, but because there's such a variety. Let's say you run a core that gives you a way to deal with against Kyurem-B, Keldeo, Latias, Bisharp, and a lot of the other big threats that jump out at you when you look at the tier list. While you may be prepared for these, you would need to run a completely different set of pokemon to deal with stuff like Mega Heracross, Darmanitan, Mega Gardevoir, CM Reuniclus, and the such. Basically, my point is that I have no idea how I'd make a successful defensive team with the pokemon available to combat the entire meta in 6 slots, and I haven't seen a successful stall team on the ladder yet.

Also, dragmag is completely viable considering that there's only one truly viable fairy in Florges, and you have so many powerful dragons to abuse it with.


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Here's is what I think to be the best special tank atm:

Florges (F) @ Leftovers
Ability: Flower Veil
EVs: 252 HP / 112 Def / 144 SDef
Calm Nature
- Moonblast
- Wish
- Protect
- Toxic / Aromatherapy

Florges is arguably the best Pokemon in the metagame when it comes to handling Dragons such as Latias and Hydreigon and other obscure Pokemon like Keldeo and Thundurus-T. With amazing base 154 Special Defense and base 114 Special Attack stats, Florges is an impeccable tank. Furthermore, Florges has access to both Wish and Aromatherapy, allowing it to double as an efficient cleric. Moonblast hits very hard despite being uninvested, 2HKOing Latias, Kyurem-B, Thundurus-T (after SR), Kingdra, Porygon-Z, and Keldeo among other dangerous threats. I customized the EVs to make sure that Florges is never 2HKOed by Latias's Psyshock granted hazards are off the field (a rather easy task thanks to Mega Blastoise and Defog users such as Latias's existence). Furthermore, Florges only takes 38.8% max from maximum neutral-natured Thundurus-T, allowing it to effectively beat the genie. Florges is also a great check to Kyurem-B, as it can 2HKO it with Moonblast while Kyurem-B fails to 2HKO back with Fusion Bolt, its strongest option. Florges also has a good chance to win against the likes of 252+ Choice Specs Kingdra under the rain, as it only 2HKOes while Florges can OHKO after SR. This is further augmented by the fact that Hydro Pump doesn't always hit, and if Kingdra opts to run Surf instead, Florges will always come out on top. Do not that Florges is incredibly weak against the likes of Steel- and Fire-types such as Magnezone and Entei, respectively, so partners such as Thundurus-T/Mega Manectric and Mega Blastoise/Jellicent are helpful. Florges also faces competition from Chansey as a specially defensive cleric and Gardevoir as a Fairy-type tank; it has a reliably strong move in Moonblast over Chansey, and much better supportive potential over Gardevoir. Overall, Florges is an excellent Pokemon in today's metagame, checking many of the strongest threats very well while providing a lot of team support.


Another thing I'd like to note is how many teams are weak to Pokemon such as Snorlax, normal Heracross (I use MoxieCross), Sharpedo, Cobalion, and Chandelure among others. Many people seem to disregard these Pokemon when teambuilding, and in turn, are usually swept by them. Pokemon who ruled BW UU are still threats in XY UU; Snorlax's CurseLax set is very dangerous now that Fighting-types barring Mega Heracross, Mega Medicham, and Keldeo are non-existent. Sharpedo is killer with rain support, easily sweeping teams late-game, and more often than not, mid-game too if rain lasts long enough (its Dark typing also got a buff). Chandelure still hits incredibly hard, and also spams Shadow Ball frequently now due to Normal-types being uncommon (aside from Staraptor and Chansey) and Steel-types losing their resistance. MoxieCross sweeps teams whole once their Fairy-type (Hera actually OHKOes Mega Gardy with Megahorn) and revenge killer is out of the way. Cobalion deals with every common Dark-type except Krookodile extremely well. The Machamp set that DarkSlay posted is actually pretty effective, albeit a bit outclassed by Mega Heracross although still a good substitution if you're in need of another Mega. Overall, give some old Pokemon a spin, you'll be surprised of how unprepared most teams are of them and how decent they still are.
Crawdaunt is Amazing in this tier and is capable to threaten popular Pokémon and almost impossible to switch into. I also like regular kyurem (sub roost and speciale lo) and latias which is easily the best defogger in the tier also doubling as a keldeo counter
I experimented with a very basic (crappy) stall team. Chansey is still very good, but not as overwhelming as it has been previously. I tested Resttalk Mega Aggron and I thought it was decent but not incredible, it can't beat Kyurem-B because Teravolt negates Filter and allows Earth Power to 2HKO; it's also suffered from steel's loss of resistances, which leaves it with surprisingly few opportunities to come in (although it's possible that's just because my team has a lot of redundancy). The Kyurem-B I've faced so far generally haven't been especially difficult to play around, but it is always capable of effortlessly removing a Pokemon if I'm not on my toes. Keldeo hasn't done anything impressive to me but I am running two excelletn checks; Manaphy seems more dangerous with the raw power of +3 Surfs. Gourgeist-H performed well for me, never incredible but always a solid mon taking lots of hits and spreading Leech Seed about.

I have only played about half a dozen games so I don't have any particular conclusions to draw, but there are a lot of Pokemon I' looking forward to trying.
i've tried out a bunch, and here's one that stands out: scarf victini.

he's a damn good revenge killer, bolt strike handles keldeo very well (nobody runs scarf keldeo anyway afaik), and for most games, it usually goes down to "take out opposing scarfer(s), punch v-create-shaped size holes into opponent's team". it's really effective. it can even prevent bisharp from an RK 1-on-1 given some mind games (do you v-create on his pursuit? or switch on his sucker punch?). i cant really pinpoint what to dump on him for a last move other than v-create, u-turn and bolt strike (i've tried things like final gambit and blue flare... idk =/)

entei may be there for the "new" factor but he's a seriously legitimate threat to watch out for because sacred fire isn't a joke (and the burn chance can be crippling for pokemon who can tank it, such as blastoise).

(i like how everyone seems to be avoiding the elephant in the room AKA kyu-b >.>" is there honestly anything to say about kyu-b other than "fucking hell this guy is ridiculous as shit")
Of all the factors that make Kyurem-B really tough to deal with, there's one in particular that you really wouldn't expect of him: He's got a lot of options. The most effective set imo is the normal substitute set, but he's got the option to run a banded set that breaks everything, a scarf set to make up for his speed, and so on, and even his movepool is more than sufficient now. Dragon Claw, Fusion Bolt, Ice Beam, Earth Power, and Outrage are the normal attacking options, but he also gets Focus Blast which can be useful, and he actually has Iron Head in his movepool to destroy Florges. There is no hard counter to Kyurem-B, because it requires such an absurd amount of bulk on both sides of the spectrum that it can't be done. A few pokemon try reasonably well most of the time: Chansey, Florges, Assault Vest Metagross, Mega Aggron, Umbreon, Cresselia, and Eviolite Porygon2. All of these pokemon can handle the substitute set pretty well as it doesn't carry overwhelming power on either side of the spectrum. But Chansey, Florges, Umbreon, Cresselia, and Porygon2 will all be torn apart by the Band set, either with Outrage, or in Florges' case, either Fusion Bolt or Iron Head. Assault Vest Metagross and Mega Aggron will fall to a specially based set as Max Special Attack Life Orb Earth Power (which is not uncommon) will 2HKO both of them. Even checking Kyurem-B can be very difficult as it often uses substitute to stop offensive checks.
Basically, Kyurem-B is super broken, should move up to OU with usage, and should then be banned to Ubers. I'm anticipating that he, along with Keldeo, Latias, and the Deoxys formes, will move up soon, so I'm not worried too much about any of them. Bisharp also probably will, and I don't think there's any other sure rises, although I don't think the tier's too broken other than stuff like that.
Also, Hail is still the shittiest weather and even shittier than before. There's DrizzleSwim, DroughtChlorophyll, and Sand Stream with Sand Rush, but Hail has nothing like that. And with weather being shortened, Hail Stall is now not feasible, poor Walrein.
While I know we're waiting for the metagame to really form before updating the OP with a threat list of some sort, I know that at the least I'd benefit from having a list that shows more definitively what's available. To that extent, I'm going to compare this Gen's UU to last Gen V UU and make a few lists of what's been gained, what's been lost, and what's totally new. Hopefully others will benefit from these lists as well, so here we go.

(Note: For the Lost Pokemon list I'll include stuff that resided in lower tiers as well, even if they had basically no niche in UU.)

Lost Pokemon
Gained Pokemon
Politoed (sans-Drizzle)
New Gen VI Pokemon/Megas
Mega Blastoise
Mega Aerodactyl
Mega Ampharos
Mega Heracross
Mega Houndoom
Mega Gardevoir
Mega Aggron
Mega Medicham
Mega Manectric
Mega Banette
Mega Absol
Mega Abomasnow
Obviously there are some huge, HUGE changes between the generations, but I like using last gen's UU as a reference point.

As for what I think about how this will affect the meta...

The list of new toys to play with is far larger than the stuff that was lost. Of the stuff that is now OU, many of the Pokemon were very rare sights in UU anyway. Azumarill and Sableye were the only two that were actually UU last gen that aren't right now. Assuming Azumarill stays in the upper tiers, the loss likely won't be too noticeable as powerhouses like Kyurem-B roam. The tier even keeps a few Pure/Huge Power users in Mega Medicham and Diggersby, so maybe they'll gain some usage for those reasons. As for Sableye, there are also other Pranksters and support Pokemon that may take his place. The only others I'd consider notable are Clefable, Galvantula and Smeargle, as they all had niche uses last gen, but again, nothing major.

It's pretty obvious that the new UU is currently experiencing a lot of DragMag and weather teams, and honestly it's not hard to see why. For that reason, I'm going to leave those alone and look at some less obvious threats.

Dugtrio, Wobbuffet, Gothitelle and Magnezone are all UU legal, meaning there is no shortage of trappers in the tier. All four are potentially very dangerous and fit on different teams. Dugtrio may see usage as a trapper on Sun teams again. Wobbuffet is no worse for wear than it was last gen, and despite not being the Uber it once was it's still troublesome on slower, more defensive teams. Gothitelle can keep Hyper Offensive teams moving along and take out certain threats, which is looking good considering the offensive state of the metagame. You get one guess as to how Magnezone is used.

A surprising number of Megas are UU legal, and many of them are powerhouses on par with the dropped OU Pokemon. Abomasnow may see usage in its ability to deal with Politoed and Hippowdon, or possibly as a Trick Room mon. Absol, Medicham, Manectric, Heracross and Houndoom are all respectable offensive threats. Banette strikes me as one of the better Pranksters available. Blastoise may see use for his ability to utilize rain, Rapid Spin and/or his offensive capability. Aggron is definitely the most defensively-oriented available Mega, and stands as a decent way to sponge powerful Dragon-type moves, though he still definitely has problems. Aerodactyl, Ampharos and Gardevoir... are there too. I don't know that they'll be able to have a meaningful impact in UU, but I'll have to play more of it before I can make a real judgement there.

Zygarde and Florges stand out as the best Gen VI Pokemon to be legal in UU. I can also see Diggersby being viable for powerful priority and very strong Earthquakes. Heliolisk can abuse every weather but Hail, and strikes me as a Pokemon that needs to be looked into more. He has decent coverage and good Special Attack and Speed stats. Doublade is interesting as it's incredibly bulky on the physical end and can take some lesser hits on the special side. To put it in perspective...

252+ SpA Teravolt Kyurem-B Earth Power vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Eviolite Doublade: 238-282 (73.9 - 87.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252+ Atk Teravolt Kyurem-B Outrage vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Eviolite Doublade: 62-73 (19.2 - 22.6%) -- possible 5HKO
252+ Atk Doublade Gyro Ball (68 BP) vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Kyurem-B: 218-258 (55.6 - 65.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

Specially-based Kyurem-B is definitely a huge threat, but he can't even OHKO with Earth Power, which is neat. Meanwhile, variants without the move are basically screwed. Doublade can 2HKO Magnezone with Sacred Sword while taking a max of 69.2% from Thunderbolt, meaning with some prediction Doublade can actually beat Magnezone. This is still troubling as he needs to predict correctly and won't have enough health to properly deal with threats like Kyurem-B, but I think it's worth a mention regardless.

Speaking of Kyurem-B, I've heard he's pretty good.

Edit : Just added a few former Ubers I forgot about to the "Pokemon Gained," list. Also Thundurus-T. Crossed out Kyu-B and Manaphy and noted Drizzle on Toed.
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Kyurem-B is a monster, I've been using the Sub 3 Attacks set to good effect.
Mega Blastoise along with Crawdaunt and Bisharp are some really neat pokes to use right now as well.

One that may be overlooked is diggersby. This man has huge power! But more to the point his scarf set hits hard and causes switches, while keeping momentum with u-turn. Good glue on all my teams, and earthquake or return can clean up late game if certain things are removed. It still doesn't quite 2HKO Florges unfortunately.


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Assault Vest Metagross is wtf. It can't set up Stealth Rock, but it is bulky as hell, it counters Cube and Latias, and it checks basically any special attacker that isn't Chandelure. Steel is pretty nice with the new fairy-types in the tier as well. The new weakness to dark is rather depressing, though. Keldeo is looking strong too, even without rain support. I'm finding it's a great check to a lot of the new Dark-types in the tier, I just wish it had more defense to take Knock Offs easier.

I'm really excited to see how Gardevoir will fare in this metagame. The Fairy-typing it gained is fantastic, and there's no doubt that before it mega-evolves, there are a LOT of abilities you can Trace: Water Absorb, Flash Fire, Levitate, Sheer Force, etc. The mega evo seems SUPER good with Pixilate, huge SpAtk, and Hyper Voice (which goes through sub??), but I'm not sure it will get a chance to shine with the popularity of Steel-types.
I'll third Diggersby as solid in UU. It's somewhat frail, but it does decently well - its damage tends to take people by surprise.

Also, here's a weird/fun Azelf set that's been doing well for me, probably because no one really expects it. My guess is it's more of a gimmick than anything, but it's quite annoying and gets a lot of mispredictions; I'm yet to have a battle where it hasn't been helpful, and it's won me a couple with an unexpected explosion, which takes out a number of sweepers or dents walls. I'm actually surprised how well it's done, but that may be because of my luck (I'm at a 1600 rating and haven't played anyone higher than that); I'd be interested to see how others find it.

Azelf @ Focus Sash
Ability: Levitate
EV's: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Nature: Jolly
- Taunt
- Thunder Wave
- U-Turn
- Explosion
I've been using a Scarf Cube recently and I have to say that, for me, it's not as broken as one might think. While it is strong, very strong, I can't really say it wins me games. I'm going to try out more sets, and I've used Choice Band but it's really sad that it can't OHKO Florges with Iron Head. However when Steels and Fairies out of the way, a killer outrage isn't easy to take.

Also, Assault Vest Gross is the fucking man. He can counter Cube easily unless a mispredicted Earth Power, Revenge kill threats with a nice Bullet Punch, or take Draco Meteors nicely, which Kingdra loves to spam. Chandelure deals a heavy ton of damage, but even he has to think twice, unless you wanna take a killer Earthquake to the face.

Bisharp is seriously amazing in this gen. The buff to Knock Off is nothing to joke about, and it 2HKOs almost any pokemon in the meta with a combination of Knock Off + Sucker Punch. I actually struggled to find a good counter for it, but currently Mega Heracross and Mega Aggron are amazing to counter it. They both have no fear of Knock Off since they cannot lose their mega stone. Mega Heracross switches in any day on knock off, having surprising bulk and resisting dark, but he might watch out for Iron Head, since it deals quite a bit of damage. Mega Aggron doesn't resist Dark-type moves, but he does have that MASSIVE defense, and when I say massive, I mean it's fucking huge. Bisharp can't even 2HKO with Low Kick, unless at +2.

Other underrated Pokemon include goodies such as Jolteon and Yanmega, which people really underrate. Jolteon has serious competition in Thundurus-T, Mega Manectric and Rotom-H, but this guy has some stuff to differentiate. While Thundurus-T hits way harder than Jolteon could dream, Jolteon has way more speed and it can be used to Revenge kill Keldeo and Tornadus-T easily, scare em out and keep the momentum going. Manectric might seem to outclass Jolteon in every way, but let's take a closer look. Jolteon has a nice electric immunity, which you can use to suck Volt Switches like it's nothing. Also, Jolteon hits actually quite harder than Manectric with a Life Orb or Specs, which if you're not using, don't use Jolteon at all. Also, Jolteon doesn't limit you to your mega slot, meaning that it leaves you space for Blastoise to spin or Medicham to smack walls. Finally, Rotom-H can take hits like a beast and has a powerful Overheat to abuse with Choice Set, but way more speed and that electric immunity, also not weak to SR and not that weakened in the rain.

You might think Yanmega is pretty bad with it's SR weakness and no really impressive stats, but Yanmega's power comes from it's abilities. Speed Boost and Tinted Lens are both quite different and actually have seperate counters, barring a few likeSnorlax and Empoleon (the latter not used as much since the introduction of Mega-Blastoise). While the speed boost set is interesting, I have to say the Tinted Lens set with a Choice Specs is really, really powerful. People sometimes throw their resists thinking it's the Speed Boost set, only to get smashed by an unresisted Specs Bug Buzz coming off a 116 Base SpA.

Anyway those were some of the things that caught my attention in this metagame. There are TONS of options to explore, will keep battling and trying other neat stuff out.
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Rain abusers are kind of crazy. Oh man this tier is wack. So much hsit to try.

Mega heracross 2hkos fucking hippowdon god damn it really finds peace in a tier without talonflame, gliscor, lando-t, and aegislash thats no doubt. Brb breaking out the eviolite gligar again.
Hippowdon can handle sets that don't care Bullet Seed or SD pretty well.
252+ Atk Mega-Heracross Pin Missile (5 hits) vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Hippowdon: 195-230 (46.4 - 54.7%) -- approx. 2% chance to 2HKO after Leftovers recovery
Pin Missile/Close Combat or Arm Thrust if you're into that/Rock Blast are necessary on Hera, and the most common thing I've been seeing in the fourth slot is either Earthquake or Substitute.
Also, Mega-Gardevoir is damn good, it's got so many options. There's your all-out attacker, your SubCM, your lure with Will-o-Wisp, the SubDisable set that I got trashed with, and that Hyper Voice is stupidly strong.


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So far the tier shows a lot of promise but naturally in the early stages of a beta tier there are some ridiculous threats. Imo the three biggest threats in the tier are Rain in really any form it's just strong af, Mix LO kyu-b, and mega hercross which almost guarantees a kill on a free switch or forcing a poke out to set-up a free sub. First off for new things in UU right now the tier has access to all 4 forms of ability weather inducers which really isn't too bad right now considering the weather nerf but Snow Cloak and Swift Swim are currently allowed which are pretty nasty problems. Some neat things that dropped that aren't op and have potential in the tier are things like latias and metgross, metagross being a poke I thought should have been uu last gen finally has a chance to shine and with the addition or Assault Vest it really serves a role as a tank in the tier with steel stab actually being somewhat useful now. As for new gen 6 pokemon in the tier Florges and Noivern really stick out to me as pokes that will remain uu and be used a good amount. Florges for it's very nice bulk comparable to umbreon of gen 5 coupled with it's immunity to dragon and resistance to fighting/dark make it a great wall/pivot right now with the abundance of those types. Noivern on the other hand gives us a fast special attacker with a pretty solid movepool and given LO or specs will be a threat. As for megas in the tier not including mega heracross there are a lot of usable ones including mega gardevoir, manectric, houndoom, and absol. Out of these I personally like mega houndoom with it's speed and special attack boost it is a monster under sun right now, the solar power boost makes up for a lack of LO due to mega stone and if that isn't enough it gets access to Nasty Plot to really do some damage. With all that said one of my favourite things right now is that BossKrow has become a huge threat now that dark doesn't do .5x damage to steel it can really do some work with the 4 attack LO set as fairy does resist 3/4 of its moves but really can't take brave birds at all.
It's pretty insane how good Mega Heracross is. It beats pretty much all Pokemon 1v1 thanks to its insane power and great bulk, besides Flying- and certain Ghost-types. It's so damn strong not just because it has 185 base Attack, which is already ridiculous on its own, but all of its moves are either 120 BP or more, which is almost unheard of. You're really hardpressed to switch into Mega Heracross because literally all of its moves are so strong, and one misprediction can easily mean your Pokemon is dead unless you have one of the few Pokemon that can actually wall it like Cofagrigus. Most of my UU matches so far have featured Mega Heracross getting a ton of kills on both sides, because it's honestly that good.

Another really good Pokemon is Zygarde. Zygarde isn't hyped that much for some reason, which is weird because it's pretty fucking amazing. I've been using SubDD with an EV spread of 136 HP / 252 Atk+ / 120 Spe (enough Speed to outspeed Weavile after SD, rest thrown in power and bulk). Anyways, it effortlessly sets up DD's and doesn't care about priority unless it's Weavile's Ice Shard (doesn't even ohko lol!), and while it isn't the strongest Pokemon, it has two great STAB's and the easy DD set up makes it strong enough. Another plus is that a lot of defensive Pokemon even fail to break Zygarde's Substitutes sometimes. I haven't used DarkSlay's Chesto Rest set or even Coil, but those look pretty strong as well.
Anyone trying Dragalge? I've tried Assault Vest and Choice Specs sets and while it's generally outclassed by Latias, it does possess an awesome movepool and pretty solid bulk. Have fun sending in a Florges in on a Sludge Bomb/Wave. Poison/Dragon dual STABs may seem bad, but it gets Focus Blast to nuke many Steel types that might try to wall it. Chansey and Assault Vest Metagross are the only Pokemon that come to mind that enjoy taking this thing on lol, though Specially Defensive Gastrodon can unwillingly eat a Specs Draco Meteor. I wish Dragalge got Levitate though :(.

This also gets Haze and Dragon Tail if you want to try a defensive set.


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Deoxys-S offense is insane right now. The ability to gt up one or two hazards almost guaranteed is fantastic, and keeping them up isn't that hard when you have Bisharp, which donks every Defog user, and Ghost-types to block Rapid Spin, even if they die in the process. Latias is especially amazing in these team archetypes, as it can switch in one most special attackers, threaten immediately with its great STABs, and pop off a Healing Wish late in the game to fully recover one of your sweepers. Aside from this, Zygarde is easily my favorite Pokemon to use in this metagame. It has enough natural bulk to take even most super effective attacks and set up Dragon Dance really easily in order to sweep. For an example of Zygarde's disgusting bulk:

252 Atk Life Orb Weavile Ice Shard vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Zygarde: 270-328 (75.4 - 91.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

Life Orb Weavile cannot even OHKO it with Ice Shard. Meanwhile, Zygarde can set up a Dragon Dance against it in order to secure an OHKO with Extreme Speed. Unfortunately, it needs +2 in order to OHKO Weavile with Extreme Speed after Stealth Rock, but that's honestly fine most of the time because of how goddamn easy it is to set up to +2 with it. Tons of crazy Pokemon in this tier.


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funny how all the hype is around the brokenmons and things like megacross but I've found the best pokemon I've used so far to be diggersby by far.

I've been using return / eq / sd / quick attack and not only does it have great opportunities to straight up sweep but it has awesome utility throuout the game by being an awesome wallbreaker and revenge killer.
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